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Binance Futures Trading with Python | Build a Martingale Bot – (Free Course)

Python, PyCharm, data analysis, Pandas library, Binance, algorithmic trading, Martingale strategy, multiprocessing, Ichimoku strategy, cryptocurrency trading, passive income, finance

Master the fundamentals of Python, data analysis with Pandas, and algorithmic trading on the Binance platform with this comprehensive course. Learn to automate your trades, build trading bots, and implement profitable trading strategies. Perfect for anyone interested in cryptocurrency trading, Python in finance, or seeking passive income opportunities. Get the course for free with coupon code AE4140C2ADEF3A163CFF (limited to first 1000 learners).

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What you’ll learn

  • Instaling Pyhon and Setting up the IDE (PyCharm)
  • Learn the Fundamentals of Python (Variables and Data Types, Operators, For Loops, While Loops, Objects and Classes etc )
  • Data Analysis With Pandas Library in Python
  • Introduction to Binance Futures Testnet
  • Fundamentals of Algorithmic Trading
  • Fundamentals of Binance Futures Algorithmic Trading with Python
  • Connecting Binance with Python Using Python-Binance Library and Placing Different Types of Orders
  • Calculating Profit, Market Deviation, Quantity ect with Python and Pandas
  • Building Martingale Strategy Using Psudo Code and Converting into Python Code
  • Creating Multiple Trading Bots Using Classes and Objects and Run Them Parallelly with Multi Processing
  • Selecting Suitable Market Conditions for Martingale Strategy
  • The secret Ichimoku Strategy


This course includes:

  • 2.5 hours on-demand video
  • 10 downloadable resources
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion


Trading cryptocurrencies can be a profitable venture, but it requires a lot of knowledge, skill, and patience. Fortunately, with the advent of algorithmic trading, traders can now automate their trading processes and make more efficient trades. Binance, the largest cryptocurrency exchange in the world, provides an excellent platform for traders to automate their trades using Python. In this article, we will explore the Binance algorithmic trading course with Python and how you can automate your trades.

Now in this course, we are creating a trading bot which uses Martingale Trading Strategy. Here is the course content.

  1. Basics of Python
  2. Data Analysis with Pandas Library in Python
  3. The Martingale Strategy
  4. Creating Binance Futures Testnet Account and Creating it with the Python
  5. Algorithmic Trading with Python-Binance
  6. Building the Trading Bot
  7. Multiprocessing ( Trading Multiple Coin Pairs Simultaneously )
  8. Live Trading

Basics of Python –

This section is for absolute beginners in python. We are discussing about following topics.

  • Installing Python and Setting up IDE
  • Print Function and F Strings
  • Variables and Basic Data Types in Python
  • Operators in Python
  • Python Functions
  • Global and Local Variables in Python
  • Working with Lists
  • Working with Dictionaries
  • If Else Statements in Python
  • While Loops, Break and Continue Statements
  • For Loops
  • Classes and Objects in Python

Data Analysis with Pandas Library in Python

Pandas is a Python library created for data analysis. We are using this library to do essential forex calculations.

We are discussing about,

  • Pandas Series
  • Pandas Data Frames
  • Selecting Specific Rows and Columns in a Dataframe
  • Selecting Rows in a Data Frame by Conditions
  • Iterating Colums in a Dataframe


Building the Strategy Plan

In this section, we will be designing blue print of our trading bot. We are building the basic structure with psudo-codes.

Algorithmic Trading with Python-Binance

Connecting Binance Futures Testnet Account with Python

We are creating functions of our trading bot(Functions for Placing Orders, Calculate the Profit, Calculate the Deviation of the Price etc )

Adding Current Positions into Pandas Data Frames

Building the Trading Bot

We are putting all the functions together and assembling the bot


We are Upgrading our Bot with Classes and Threading. After that He Can Trade Multiple Coins at the Same Time.

Live Trading

We are Trading multiple coin pairs simultaniously with our trading bot

In this course, you’ll discover techniques that are practical and unique. You won’t find these techniques anywhere else, as they are based on my own experiences. By the end of the course, you’ll have the ability to enhance these techniques and create even more powerful trading bots. Additionally, you’ll receive 24/7 support. If you have any questions, simply post them in the Q&A section, and we’ll respond within 24 hours.


Who this course is for:

  • Those Who are Interested in a Passive Income
  • Those Who are Interested in a Cryptocurrency Trading
  • Those Who are Interested in Python in Finance
  • Those Who are Interested in Binance Trading
  • Anybody expecting to learn Profitable Crypto Trading Strategies


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FAQs – Binance Algorithmic Trading Course with Python

What will I learn from this course?

Installing Python and setting up the IDE (PyCharm)
Fundamentals of Python, including variables, data types, operators, loops, objects, and classes
Data analysis with the Pandas library in Python
Introduction to Binance Futures Testnet
Fundamentals of algorithmic trading
Building Binance Futures algorithmic trading strategies using Python
Connecting Binance with Python using Python-Binance library and placing different types of orders
Calculating profit, market deviation, quantity, etc., using Python and Pandas
Building a Martingale strategy and converting it into Python code
Creating multiple trading bots using classes and objects and running them parallelly with multiprocessing
Selecting suitable market conditions for the Martingale strategy
Understanding the secret Ichimoku strategy

What does the course include?

2.5 hours of on-demand video content
10 downloadable resources
Access on mobile and TV
Full lifetime access
Certificate of completion

Who is this course for?

Individuals interested in passive income
Those interested in cryptocurrency trading
Individuals interested in Python in finance
Those interested in Binance trading
Anyone expecting to learn profitable crypto trading strategies

How can I get this course for free?

You can get a 100% discount on Udemy Paid Courses by using the coupon code provided.
Apply the Coupon Code: AE4140C2ADEF3A163CFF for a 100% discount.
Note: The course will be free for a maximum of 1000 learners using the promo code. After that, it will be available at a discounted price.

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