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Bitcoin Games 2024 Hackathon: Unleashing Innovation and Scaling the Future


In 2024, the Bitcoin Games Hackathon emerges as a pivotal event, inviting global participation to innovate within the realms of blockchain technology. This article delves into the details of this prestigious event, highlighting its significance, tracks, challenges, and rewards.

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Define Bitcoin Games 2024 Hackathon

The Bitcoin Games 2024 Hackathon is an online, public event aimed at fostering creativity and development in Bitcoin-related technologies. It encourages participants to explore and innovate within three distinct tracks: Sidechain, Lightning Network, and Bitcoin Propaganda.

Relevance and Importance

As Bitcoin continues to evolve, scalability and usability remain crucial challenges. This hackathon serves as a platform to address these challenges through innovative solutions, leveraging Bitcoin’s core technologies.

Types and Categories

Participants can choose from three main tracks, each focusing on different aspects of Bitcoin technology:

Sidechain Track

Participants develop solutions using Bitcoin’s sidechain technologies, enhancing scalability and usability. Projects may include scalable payment systems, decentralized exchanges, and more.

Lightning Network Track

This track challenges participants to innovate on the Lightning Network, improving transaction speeds and efficiency through advanced wallet features, micropayments platforms, and more.

Bitcoin Propaganda Track

Participants create compelling content to promote Bitcoin’s potential impact, utilizing mediums such as video campaigns and memes to inspire broader adoption.

Symptoms and Signs

Participants must adhere to specific guidelines for each track, detailing project titles, descriptions, and technological integrations. Submission requirements include video demos, GitHub repositories, and relevant documentation.

Causes and Risk Factors

The hackathon is open to participants above the legal age of majority in their respective countries, encouraging global involvement in blockchain innovation.

Diagnosis and Tests

Judging criteria for projects emphasize innovation, impact, execution, use of technology, and presentation, ensuring a rigorous evaluation process by qualified judges.

Treatment Options

Winners across tracks stand to win from a pool of $35,000 in prizes, paid in Bitcoin, alongside unique accolades like custom cowboy hats and featured pieces in Bitcoin Magazine.

Preventive Measures

To participate, interested individuals or teams must register before the deadline and adhere to the outlined submission guidelines for each track.

Personal Stories or Case Studies

Successful submissions may earn recognition and promotion across Bitcoin-related media channels, amplifying visibility and impact within the blockchain community.

Expert Insights

Michael Markle and other distinguished judges from the Bitcoin Conference community will evaluate submissions based on predefined judging criteria.

Technical Specifications

Sidechain Track

Participants in the Sidechain Track are challenged to develop scalable payment systems, interoperable tools, decentralized exchanges, and more. The emphasis is on leveraging Bitcoin’s sidechain technologies to handle high transaction volumes and reduce fees while maintaining security.

Lightning Network Track

In the Lightning Network Track, developers focus on enhancing user experience through advanced wallet features, merchant payment solutions, and micropayments platforms. The goal is to optimize payment routing and create new business models leveraging the Lightning Network’s capabilities.

Bitcoin Propaganda Track

Participants in the Bitcoin Propaganda Track create engaging content like video campaigns and memes to highlight Bitcoin’s potential impact. Projects aim to inspire and educate a wider audience about the benefits and opportunities within the Bitcoin ecosystem.


Sidechain Track

Projects from the Sidechain Track could revolutionize sectors such as finance, gaming, and decentralized finance (DeFi), offering scalable solutions for real-world asset tokenization and loyalty applications.

Lightning Network Track

Applications developed in the Lightning Network Track could streamline cross-border remittances, enable subscription services, and enhance gaming and entertainment experiences through low-cost micropayments.

Bitcoin Propaganda Track

Content produced in the Bitcoin Propaganda Track aims to reshape public perception and understanding of Bitcoin, driving adoption and awareness through creative campaigns and viral content.


Sidechain Track

Winners in the Sidechain Track stand to gain not only financial rewards in Bitcoin but also recognition for pioneering solutions that enhance Bitcoin’s scalability and usability in real-world applications.

Lightning Network Track

Participants in the Lightning Network Track can showcase innovations that significantly improve transaction efficiency and expand the use cases of Bitcoin in various industries, potentially revolutionizing digital payments.

Bitcoin Propaganda Track

Successful projects in the Bitcoin Propaganda Track may see their content featured in prominent Bitcoin media outlets, gaining exposure and recognition within the global cryptocurrency community.

Challenges and Limitations

Sidechain Track

Challenges include ensuring security and decentralization while scaling payment systems and integrating decentralized exchanges seamlessly into existing financial infrastructures.

Lightning Network Track

Technical challenges include optimizing payment routing algorithms, managing liquidity effectively, and ensuring robustness against potential network congestion and security threats.

Bitcoin Propaganda Track

Challenges include creating content that resonates with diverse audiences while effectively communicating Bitcoin’s benefits and dispelling common misconceptions.

Latest Innovations

Sidechain Track

Recent innovations include advancements in interoperability protocols, smart contract platforms, and decentralized asset tokenization frameworks, enhancing the utility and adoption of Bitcoin sidechains.

Lightning Network Track

Recent developments focus on improving Lightning Network node reliability, implementing submarine swaps for seamless asset transfers, and integrating Lightning-based decentralized finance (DeFi) protocols.

Bitcoin Propaganda Track

Recent trends include the rise of viral Bitcoin-related content on social media platforms, leveraging memes and short-form videos to engage and educate a broader audience about the advantages of Bitcoin.

Future Prospects

Sidechain Track

Future prospects include integrating sidechain technologies with Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices, expanding the use of decentralized exchanges for mainstream financial transactions, and enhancing privacy features within sidechain protocols.

Lightning Network Track

The future holds potential for Lightning Network adoption in e-commerce platforms, scaling micropayments for digital content consumption, and integrating with emerging Internet-scale applications requiring fast and low-cost transactions.

Bitcoin Propaganda Track

Future prospects include leveraging artificial intelligence (AI) for personalized Bitcoin content delivery, expanding educational campaigns in developing regions, and collaborating with mainstream media for wider Bitcoin adoption.

Comparative Analysis

Sidechain Track

Compared to other blockchain scalability solutions, Bitcoin sidechains offer robust security and decentralization, making them ideal for enterprise-grade applications requiring high transaction throughput and interoperability.

Lightning Network Track

Compared to traditional payment networks, the Lightning Network offers significant advantages in terms of speed, cost-effectiveness, and global accessibility, positioning itself as a leading solution for microtransactions and cross-border payments.

Bitcoin Propaganda Track

Compared to traditional marketing strategies, Bitcoin propaganda leverages grassroots movements and community-driven content creation to foster organic growth and awareness, distinguishing itself through viral campaigns and creative storytelling.

User Guides or Tutorials

Sidechain Track

Comprehensive guides on setting up and deploying sidechain nodes, developing decentralized applications (dApps) on sidechains, and integrating with existing blockchain ecosystems.

Lightning Network Track

Step-by-step tutorials on setting up Lightning Network nodes, managing channel liquidity, processing micropayments, and integrating Lightning-based services into e-commerce platforms and digital content distribution networks.

Expert Opinions

Sidechain Track

Industry experts emphasize the transformative potential of Bitcoin sidechains in revolutionizing sectors such as finance, gaming, and decentralized finance (DeFi). They highlight the scalability benefits and enhanced transaction speeds that sidechain solutions can bring to the Bitcoin ecosystem.

Lightning Network Track

Experts in the Lightning Network space discuss the network’s pivotal role in enabling instant, low-cost payments globally. They foresee continued advancements in routing algorithms and liquidity management, paving the way for broader adoption across industries beyond finance.

Bitcoin Propaganda Track

Thought leaders emphasize the importance of creative storytelling in driving Bitcoin adoption. They highlight the role of memes, viral videos, and community-driven content in shaping public perception and fostering a positive narrative around Bitcoin.

Resources for Learning

Sidechain Track

Resources include educational materials on blockchain interoperability, smart contract development, and decentralized exchange protocols. Recommended reading includes whitepapers and developer documentation from leading blockchain projects.

Lightning Network Track

Educational resources cover Lightning Network node setup, channel management strategies, and practical guides for integrating Lightning Network payments into various applications. Online courses and community forums offer support for developers and enthusiasts alike.

Bitcoin Propaganda Track

Learning materials focus on content creation strategies, digital marketing tactics for cryptocurrency campaigns, and case studies of successful Bitcoin advocacy initiatives. Resources include workshops and online seminars on leveraging social media for Bitcoin promotion.

Art Article Structure


The Bitcoin Games 2024 Hackathon: A Creative Exploration of Blockchain Innovations

Historical Development

From Satoshi Nakamoto’s vision to the current landscape, tracing the evolution of Bitcoin and its impact on technology and society.

Themes and Styles

Exploring the thematic underpinnings of Bitcoin-inspired art, from digital minimalism to conceptual expressions of decentralization.

Techniques Used

Artistic techniques employed in creating Bitcoin-themed artworks, including digital art, mixed media, and blockchain-based creations.

Notable Works

Highlighting significant Bitcoin-inspired artworks and their cultural significance, showcasing how artists interpret and contribute to the Bitcoin narrative.

Cultural Impact

Examining how Bitcoin art challenges traditional notions of value, ownership, and creativity in the digital age.

Contemporary Scene

Current trends in Bitcoin art, featuring emerging artists and their contributions to the evolving landscape of digital and blockchain art.

Exhibitions and Galleries

Noteworthy exhibitions and galleries hosting Bitcoin-themed art, providing insights into where enthusiasts can experience these artworks firsthand.


Tips for collectors and investors interested in acquiring Bitcoin art, including best practices, platforms, and considerations for long-term value.

Fashion Article Structure


Exploring the Intersection of Fashion and Blockchain: The Bitcoin Aesthetic in 2024

Fashion History

Tracing the influence of blockchain technology on fashion trends, from early adoption by tech enthusiasts to its integration into mainstream design.

Key Designers and Brands

Highlighting influential figures in the intersection of fashion and blockchain, and their contributions to the evolving aesthetic.

Fashion Shows and Events

Coverage of major fashion events showcasing Bitcoin-inspired collections, from runway presentations to digital showcases.

Trend Analysis

In-depth analysis of current trends in blockchain-inspired fashion, including minimalist designs, crypto-themed accessories, and sustainable practices.

Style Tips

Practical advice on incorporating blockchain-inspired fashion into everyday wardrobes, from subtle nods to bold statements.

Sustainability in Fashion

Exploring eco-friendly practices within the blockchain fashion movement, including sustainable materials and transparent supply chains.

Technology in Fashion

Innovations shaping the industry, such as blockchain-based authentication systems and digital fashion experiences.

Celebrity and Cultural Impact

Examining how celebrities and cultural influencers embrace blockchain fashion, influencing trends and consumer behavior.



By submitting any entry, you agree to these official rules as a contract between you (and each individual member of your team, if applicable), the Hackathon sponsor, and Devpost.

1. Dates and Timing

  • Submission Period: June 3, 2024 (9:00 am Eastern Time) – July 12, 2024 (11:45 pm Eastern Time)
  • Judging Period: July 15, 2024 (9:00 am Eastern Time) – July 24, 2024 (11:45 pm Eastern Time)
  • Winners Announced: On or around July 25, 2024 (2:00 pm Eastern Time)

2. Sponsor and Administrator

  • Sponsor and Administrator: BTC Media, 438 Houston St Office 257, Nashville, Tennessee, 37203, United States

3. Eligibility

  • Who can participate:
    • Individuals who are at least the age of majority where they reside at the time of entry (“Eligible Individuals”).
    • Teams composed of Eligible Individuals (“Teams”).
    • Organizations (including corporations, non-profit organizations, LLCs, partnerships, etc.) that are established and legally recognized at the time of entry (“Organizations”).
    An Eligible Individual may participate in multiple Teams or Organizations. If entering as a Team or Organization, a designated Representative must be appointed to submit on their behalf.
  • Who cannot participate:
    • Individuals residing in countries or regions where U.S. law prohibits participation or prize receipt (including, but not limited to, Brazil, Quebec, Russia, Crimea, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and any country sanctioned by the U.S. Treasury’s Office of Foreign Assets Control).Promotion Entities, including the Sponsor and Administrator, and their employees, representatives, agents, and immediate family members.Judges or entities employing Judges.Parent companies, subsidiaries, or affiliates of Promotion Entities.Any individual or entity that, in the Sponsor’s or Administrator’s sole discretion, would create a conflict of interest.
    Immediate family includes spouse, children, stepchildren, parents, stepparents, siblings, and stepsiblings. Household members share the same residence for at least three months annually.Agents are individuals or entities creating a Submission under contract or similar arrangement with a Promotion Entity.Affiliates share common control, ownership, or management, or have significant ownership in each other.

4. How To Enter

Entrants can participate in the Hackathon by following these steps on the Hackathon Website (b24-hackathon.devpost.com):

  1. Registration: Visit the Hackathon Website and click the “Join Hackathon” button to register. You’ll need to create a free Devpost account or log in with an existing one. This registration allows you to receive updates and submit your project.
  2. Project Development:
    • Obtain access to the required developer tools/platform specified.
    • Develop a Project that aligns with one of the specified Track Challenges detailed on the Hackathon website’s Track Details tab.
  3. Submission: Complete all required fields on the “Enter a Submission” page of the Hackathon Website during the Submission Period. Each submission (referred to as a “Project”) must adhere to the following:Project Requirements:
    • Track Challenge: Choose and develop a project from one of the following Tracks:
      1. Sidechain Track Challenge
      2. Lightning Network Track Challenge
      3. Bitcoin Propaganda Track Challenge
    • Functionality: Ensure the Project can be installed and consistently run on its intended platform. It must function as described in the submission’s text description and demonstration video.
    • Platforms: The Project must operate on the specified platform as outlined in the Submission Requirements.
    • New & Existing Projects: Projects must either be newly created for the Hackathon or significantly updated during the Submission Period. Entrants must explain the updates made during this period.
    • Third Party Integrations: If the Project integrates third-party SDKs, APIs, or data, ensure compliance with their respective terms and conditions or licensing requirements.

Submission Requirements:

  • Submissions must meet the specific requirements outlined for each Track Challenge available at https://b24-hackathon.devpost.com/details/tracks.
  • Include a detailed text description explaining the features and functionality of the Project.
  • Provide a demonstration video (less than three minutes) showcasing the Project in operation on its intended device/platform. The video should be publicly accessible on platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook Video, or Youku, with a link provided on the Hackathon Website.
  • The video must not include third-party trademarks or copyrighted material without proper authorization.
  • Provide a public URL to either a functional demo application or to the code repository used for the Project. The code repository must be publicly accessible.

By entering the Hackathon, you consent to the collection and maintenance of your personal information by the Sponsor and Devpost for operational and publicity purposes related to the Hackathon.

5. Multiple Submissions

An Entrant is allowed to submit more than one Submission, but each Submission must be unique and substantially different from the Entrant’s other Submissions, as determined solely by the Sponsor and Devpost.

Submission Ownership

Each Submission must:

  • Be the original work of the Entrant.
  • Be solely owned by the Entrant.
  • Not violate the intellectual property rights of any other person or entity.


Entrants must provide access to their working Project for judging and testing by:

  • Providing a link to a website, functioning demo, or test build.
  • If the website is private, including login credentials in the testing instructions.
  • Making the Project available free of charge and without restrictions for testing, evaluation, and use by the Sponsor, Administrator, and Judges until the end of the Judging Period.

If the Project involves software running on proprietary or third-party hardware not widely available to the public, the Sponsor and/or Administrator may, at their discretion, request physical access to the Project hardware.

Language Requirements

All Submission materials must be in English. If materials are not originally in English, Entrants must provide an English translation for the demonstration video, text description, testing instructions, and any other submitted materials.

Team Representation

If a team or organization submits to the Hackathon, they must appoint one authorized Representative to act on their behalf. The Representative must meet the eligibility requirements. By submitting a Project on behalf of a team or organization, the Representative warrants their authority to do so.

Intellectual Property

Your Submission must:

  • Be your (or your Team’s or Organization’s) original work.
  • Be solely owned by you (or your Team or Organization) without rights from any other person or entity.
  • Not violate intellectual property rights or other proprietary rights of any other person or entity.

You may engage third-party technical assistance to create the Submission, provided the components are solely your work and you own all rights to them. Use of open source software or hardware is permitted, provided compliance with applicable licenses and enhancing the features and functionality beyond the original open source product.

Financial or Preferential Support

Projects must not have received financial or preferential support from the Sponsor or Administrator, such as funding, investment, contract development, or commercial licenses, before the end of the Hackathon Submission Period. The Sponsor reserves the right to disqualify Projects creating a conflict of interest.

6. Submission Modifications

Draft Submissions

Before the end of the Submission Period, Entrants may save draft versions of their Submission on Devpost in their portfolio. Once the Submission Period ends, no changes or alterations may be made to the Submission, but updates may continue in the Devpost portfolio.


After the Submission Period, Sponsor and Devpost may permit modifications to address issues such as infringing third-party rights, disclosing personal information, or other inappropriate content. Modifications must maintain substantive similarity to the original Submission, with changes approved by Sponsor and Devpost.

7. Judges & Criteria

Eligible Submissions will be evaluated by Judges selected by the Sponsor. Judges may be employees of the Sponsor or third parties and will use the following equally weighted criteria:

  • Innovation
  • Impact
  • Execution
  • Use of Technology
  • Presentation

Scores will determine potential winners, with ties resolved by comparing scores on the first applicable criterion. Further ties will be decided by additional criteria or by Judge vote if necessary.

Intellectual Property Rights

All Submissions remain the intellectual property of their creators. By submitting, entrants grant the Sponsor a fully paid, non-exclusive license to use Submissions for judging purposes. Entrants agree that the Sponsor and Devpost can promote Submissions and use the names, likenesses, voices, and images of contributors for promotion during and after the Hackathon.

Entrants must ensure submitted content:

  • Is not copyrighted or protected by trade secret unless they own such rights or have permission.
  • Does not contain harmful code or violate third-party rights.

8. Prizes

WinnerPrizeQtyEligible Submissions
Sidechain Track – 1st Place$10,000 in Bitcoin, Large Winners Check & Custom Cowboy Hat1All eligible submissions entered in the Sidechain track
Sidechain Track – 2nd Place$4,000 in Bitcoin, Trophy1All eligible submissions entered in the Sidechain track
Sidechain Track – 3rd Place$1,000 in Bitcoin, Medal1All eligible submissions entered in the Sidechain track
Lightning Network Track – 1st Place$10,000 in Bitcoin, Large Winners Check & Custom Cowboy Hat1All eligible submissions entered in the Lightning Network Innovations track
Lightning Network Track – 2nd Place$4,000 in Bitcoin, Trophy1All eligible submissions entered in the Lightning Network Innovations track
Lightning Network Track – 3rd Place$1,000 in Bitcoin, Medal1All eligible submissions entered in the Lightning Network Innovations track
Bitcoin Propaganda Track – 1st Place$5,000 in Bitcoin, Large Winners Check & Custom Cowboy Hat, Featured piece in Bitcoin Magazine for the winner, Social media promotion of winning content1All eligible submissions entered in the Bitcoin Propaganda track


Each individual entry is eligible for one Overall Prize and one Bonus Prize.

NOTE: Conversion prices from USD to Bitcoin will be calculated based on the closing market price according to CoinGecko on the Winner Announcement date. Cryptocurrency carries a high degree of risk, volatility, and illiquidity. Participants should conduct their own investigations and evaluations of any cryptocurrency that will be delivered. Participants should also familiarize themselves with the legal requirements applicable to them regarding the acquisition, holding, and disposition of cryptocurrency, as well as the tax implications.

Substitutions & Changes: Prizes cannot be transferred by the winner. The Sponsor reserves the right to substitute a prize of equivalent or greater value in its sole discretion. A prize will not be awarded if there are no eligible Submissions entered in the Hackathon, or if there are no eligible Entrants or Submissions for a specific prize.

Verification Requirement: The awarding of a prize to a potential winner is contingent upon verification of the identity, qualifications, and role of the potential winner in the creation of the Submission. No Submission or Entrant will be considered a winning Submission or winner until their post-competition prize affidavits have been completed and verified, even if prospective winners have been announced verbally or on the competition website. The final decision to designate a winner shall be made by the Sponsor and/or Administrator. Required Forms must be returned within ten (10) business days after they are sent. Failure to return the required forms may result in disqualification. Failure to return the paperwork in more than three months will result in forfeiture of the prize.

Prize Delivery: Prizes will be awarded to the Entrant if an individual, to the Entrant’s Representative if a Team, or to the Organization if the Entrant is an Organization. The winning Entrant’s Representative is responsible for distributing the Prize among their Team or Organization’s members as they see fit. Monetary prizes will be sent to the winner’s address (if an individual) or the Representative’s address (if a Team or Organization), or transferred electronically to the Entrant, Entrant’s Representative, or Organization’s bank account, after receipt of the completed winner affidavit and other Required Forms, if applicable. Prizes will be delivered within 60 days of the Sponsor or Devpost’s receipt of the completed Required Forms.

Fees & Taxes: Winners (including all participating members of a Team or Organization) are responsible for any fees associated with receiving or using a prize, such as wiring or currency exchange fees. They are also responsible for reporting and paying all applicable taxes in their jurisdiction of residence. Winners may need to provide certain information to facilitate receipt of the award, including completing and submitting any tax forms required for compliance with withholding and reporting requirements. United States residents may need to provide a completed form W-9, while residents of other countries may need to provide a completed W-8BEN form. Winners must also comply with foreign exchange and banking regulations in their respective jurisdictions and report the receipt of the Prize to relevant government departments or agencies, if necessary. The Sponsor, Devpost, and/or Prize provider may withhold a portion of the prize amount to comply with tax laws.

Entry Conditions and Release:

By entering the Hackathon, you agree to the following:

  • The relationship between you, the Entrant, and the Sponsor and Administrator is not confidential, fiduciary, or otherwise special.
  • You will comply with these Official Rules and the decisions of the Sponsor, Administrator, and/or Hackathon Judges.
  • You release and hold harmless the Promotion Entities and their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, and representatives from any claims, expenses, or liabilities arising from your participation in the Hackathon, acceptance or use of the Prize, or the promotion or use of your Submission.

The Released Parties are not liable for:

  • Incorrect or inaccurate information caused by electronic or printing errors.
  • Technical failures, including interruptions in phone lines or internet connectivity.
  • Unauthorized human intervention in the entry process or Hackathon.
  • Technical or human errors in the administration of the Hackathon or processing of Submissions.
  • Injury or damage resulting from participation in the Hackathon or use of any Prize.

Proof of submission does not constitute proof of receipt. If a Submission is not received or is deleted, lost, or corrupted, the Entrant’s sole remedy is to request resubmission, subject to Sponsor discretion.


By participating in the Hackathon, you consent to the promotion and display of your Submission and use of your personal information for promotional purposes by the Sponsor, Administrator, and third parties acting on their behalf. This includes your name, likeness, photograph, voice, opinions, comments, hometown, and country of residence, in any media worldwide without further payment or consideration, unless prohibited by law. Authorized uses include advertising and promotional purposes.


The Bitcoin Games 2024 Hackathon stands as a testament to the innovative spirit and collaborative effort within the global blockchain community. By participating in this event, developers, creatives, and enthusiasts alike have the opportunity to shape the future of Bitcoin technology and its impact on the world.

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