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Docker for Beginners: a Hands-On Practice Course (+12 hours) – (Free Course)

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Table of Contents

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What you’ll learn

  • Docker Fundamentals
  • Docker Objects
  • Docker CLI
  • Docker Hub Cloud Repositories
  • Docker Networks
  • Docker Compose
  • Docker Documentation
  • Create, Integrate, Run and Share Docker Images and Containers
  • Optimize your run statements for leveraging the most out of Docker features
  • Real working examples with Java standalone apps and Java Spring Boot MVC apps, integrated with MySQL, running inside multiple containers
  • the entire modern frontend stack: React, APIs integration, React hooks
  • Learn about the React core functionality
  • Learn React beautiful mechanism such as Context API, Props drilling, Render props
  • Realize the power of building reusable components
  • Create real life project
  • Becoming proficient in integrating RESTful APIs with React
  • Authentication including password reset and authorization by protected route
  • Avoid useless coding – Learn what’s important


This course includes:

  • 12.5 hours on-demand video
  • 1 downloadable resource
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of completion


Hi all,

this is a Docker Course for beginners.


Initially designed to be a series of Youtube videos, I later decided to join them into a whole Udemy course, as a lot of content has been added, both regarding the theory as the practice of Docker Fundamentals.


Through this course, you’ll will start from ZERO and learn everything you need to know about how to start dockerizing your own software applications and sharing those at Docker Hub Cloud. You’ll learn how to create and deploy multiple integrated Docker Containers using different network types. You’ll learn how to use Docker CLI and Docker Compose for easily running local and remote Docker images/containers. You’ll also learn how to extend and reuse public Docker Images from Docker Hub and integrate those with your own, mounting up a whole system environment, in an easy, fast and automated way.


In this course, you’ll learn in 8 Lectures (12+ hours):


01 – How to Install and Test Docker on Linux


02 – Create Your First Image, Containerize a Sample App and Share It at Docker Hub


03 – Containerize and Share a Full Spring Boot Application at Docker Hub


04 – Run MySQL from inside a Container and Test It with MySQL CLI and MySQL Workbench


05 – Integrate Multiple Containers Using Links – Spring Boot and MySQL


06 – Diving Into Networking Theory – The Bridge Network Driver


07 – Bridge Network in Practice – Default (with Links) x User-Defined (no Links)


08 – Docker Compose, YAML and CLI Statements Optimizations – Final Project Run


If you’ve never used Docker before, welcome to this exciting, essential and extremely useful technology.


If you’re already a Docker user, surely there’s a lot you’ll gain from this course, adding up to your previous knowledge about this amazing deployment platform.


Docker is a “MUST-KNOW” technology for anyone who works or is interested in working with Software Industry, no matter what specific interests or position one may have.


Let’s start this journey together and adventure into the Dockerizing world of Docker !! Welcome aboard !!


* midi songs used at the beginning and ending of each lecture have been freely supplied by Aleksandr Shamaluev at ashamaluevmusic website.


** set the displaying resolution of the lecture videos to 1k at the bottom right configuration button. Udemy generally sets a lower resolution. Although all videos have been rendered and uploaded in 4k, the max resolution at Udemy is 1k (or lower, if you do not set it manually).


Who this course is for:

  • For software developers who wanna learn about Docker in order to learn how to containerize their apps and integrate these with other images at Docker Hub
  • For software testers and deployers who wanna learn about Docker in order to learn how to create and run containers of images created by the development teams, mounting up the whole system environment in a simpler and automatic way
  • For general people interested in learning about Docker Images, Docker Containers, Docker CLI, Docker Compose and Docker Hub


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FAQs for “Docker Fundamentals for Beginners” Course

What will I learn in this Docker course?

In this course, you will learn Docker fundamentals, including Docker objects, Docker CLI, Docker Hub Cloud repositories, Docker networks, Docker Compose, and Docker documentation. Additionally, you will learn how to create, integrate, run, and share Docker images and containers, optimize run statements, and work with real-life projects.

Is this course suitable for beginners?

Yes, this course is designed for beginners who have little to no prior experience with Docker. It covers everything you need to know to start dockerizing your own software applications and sharing them on Docker Hub Cloud.

What topics are covered in the Docker Fundamentals section?

The Docker Fundamentals section covers a wide range of topics, including installation and testing of Docker, creating and deploying Docker images, running MySQL from inside a container, networking theory and practice, Docker Compose, YAML, and CLI statement optimizations.

Will I learn about Docker CLI and Docker Compose?

Yes, you will learn how to use Docker CLI for running local and remote Docker images/containers, as well as Docker Compose for orchestrating multi-container Docker applications.

Do I need prior experience with Docker to enroll in this course?

No, prior experience with Docker is not required. This course starts from zero and covers everything you need to know to get started with Docker.

What practical skills will I gain from this course?

By the end of this course, you will have practical skills in creating and deploying Docker containers, integrating multiple containers, optimizing Docker run statements, and working with real-life projects.

Are there any specific projects or applications built in the course?

Yes, you will work on real-life projects throughout the course, including containerizing a sample app, a full Spring Boot application, and integrating multiple containers using links.

Is there any prerequisite knowledge required for this course?

There are no strict prerequisites for this course. However, having a basic understanding of Linux and software development concepts will be beneficial.

How long is the course, and how is the content structured?

The course consists of 8 lectures totaling over 12 hours of on-demand video content. The content is structured to guide you through Docker fundamentals, practical applications, and real-life projects.

Can I receive a certificate of completion after finishing the course?

Yes, upon completing the course, you will receive a certificate of completion, which you can add to your resume or LinkedIn profile to showcase your Docker skills.

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