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Red Teaming | Exploit Development with Assembly and C |MSAC+ – (Free Course)

System Hacking, Shellcode Execution, Ethical Hacking, Bad Characters, Segmentation Faults, Vulnerability Exploitation, Assembly Language, Ghidra, IDA Pro, SASM, Linux Command Line, Debugging

Join the “Mastering System Hacking with Shellcode Execution” course to enhance your skills in ethical hacking and cybersecurity. Learn to execute shellcode effectively, identify bad characters, analyze segmentation faults, and compromise systems ethically. With hands-on practical scenarios and expert instruction, this course provides a comprehensive journey from beginner to advanced levels.

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What you’ll learn

  • Mastering Shellcode Execution: Gain a comprehensive understanding of shellcode execution techniques and their role in system hacking.
  • Identifying Bad Characters: Learn to identify and handle bad characters in shellcode, ensuring its effectiveness and reliability.
  • Segmentation Fault Analysis: Explore the nuances of segmentation faults and discover strategies to overcome them when executing shellcode.
  • Ethical Hacking Fundamentals: Understand the ethical framework of hacking and how to apply these techniques responsibly.
  • Developing Custom Shellcode: Develop your own custom shellcode to exploit system vulnerabilities effectively.
  • Hands-On Practical Scenarios: Engage in practical demonstrations and exercises to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios.
  • System Compromise Techniques: Learn techniques to compromise systems ethically by executing shellcode.
  • Vulnerability Exploitation: Discover vulnerabilities within systems and exploit them using shellcode to gain access.
  • Advanced Bad Character Mitigation: Dive deep into advanced techniques for identifying, analyzing, and mitigating bad characters in shellcode.
  • Building Ethical Hacking Skills: Equip yourself with practical skills in ethical hacking, enhancing your cybersecurity expertise.
  • Understand the significance of Assembly language in open-source exploration.
  • Gain insights into the course structure and objectives.
  • Install and set up the SASM development environment.
  • Download and configure Ghidra, IDA Pro, and JDK for effective lab usage.
  • Open and navigate projects within Ghidra.
  • Explore and utilize key features of Ghidra for code analysis.
  • Perform real malware analysis using Ghidra.
  • Analyze suspicious strings and employ OSINT techniques in reverse engineering.
  • Extract system files from malware and manipulate function names.
  • Break down the four stages of binary compilation.
  • Understand the preprocessing, compilation, assembly, and linking phases of binary analysis.
  • Utilize READELF to view symbolic information.
  • Analyze both stripped and not stripped binaries for key insights.
  • Explore the ELF format and understand its executable and linkable features.
  • Learn about ELF fields and program header fields.
  • Grasp the fundamentals of the Windows PE format for executable files.
  • Familiarize yourself with IDA Pro and its key functionalities.
  • Explore useful tabs within the IDA Pro interface.
  • Write a “Hello World” program using a makefile.
  • Understand the advantages of NASM and compare different assemblers.
  • Comprehend the theory behind disassembly.
  • Explore the concept of disassembly and its practical applications.
  • Understand CPU architectures and binary data types.
  • Convert decimal to binary using basic mathematical operations.
  • Initiate and set up GDB, exploring various flavors.
  • Debug programs, locate variables in memory addresses, and enhance debugging skills.
  • Code an assembly file, analyze output with GDB, and create a makefile.
  • Learn the operations of OR, XOR, NOT, and AND in assembly language.
  • Develop an assembly program for analysis using DDD.
  • Analyze previously written code and interpret register values using DDD.
  • Identify and troubleshoot errors in assembly programming.
  • Implement conditional jumps and loops in assembly code.
  • Develop a project involving loops and a calculator using assembly language.
  • Test and evaluate the completed project.
  • Work on the EXABYTE project involving memory manipulation.
  • Test and analyze the project using Readelf and GDB.
  • Define variables, perform addition and subtraction in assembly.
  • Explain registers in practice and complete the section.
  • Develop a custom shellcode and troubleshoot segmentation faults.
  • Identify and fix bad characters in shellcode execution.
  • Create shellcode with JMP instruction for malware injection.
  • Inject shellcode and build an exploit for practical application.
  • Compile and test shellcode using stack technique.
  • Implement the Execve syscall with C for gaining shell access.
  • Successfully gain shell access using the Execve syscall.
  • Program the C side of a reverse bind shell.
  • Develop assembly code for Listen, Bind, and Accept syscalls.
  • Create a functional and secure TCP bind shell.


This course includes:

  • 17.5 hours on-demand video
  • 1 article
  • 25 downloadable resources
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion


Are you ready to delve into the exciting world of system hacking and shellcode execution? Welcome to “Mastering System Hacking with Shellcode Execution,” the ultimate course that will take you from a beginner to an advanced level in the realm of ethical hacking and cybersecurity.

In this comprehensive Udemy course, we will guide you through a series of engaging and hands-on lectures that will equip you with the skills and knowledge necessary to execute shellcode effectively and compromise systems ethically. Our carefully curated curriculum includes:

Module 1: Building the Foundation

Developing our own Shellcode and Segmentation Fault: Lay the groundwork by understanding shellcode development and its role in system hacking. Learn how to create your own shellcode and identify segmentation faults.

Module 2: Analyzing and Refining

Discovering Bad Characters but we have one more thing to do: Dive deeper into the world of bad characters and explore strategies for their discovery and mitigation.

Fixing all Bad Characters: Uncover advanced techniques for addressing bad characters and ensuring your shellcode remains effective.

Advancing to System Compromise

Segmentation FAULT AGAIN !!!: Overcome segmentation faults and gain insights into system vulnerabilities that can be exploited.

SHELLCODE EXECUTED – SYSTEM HACKED: Witness the culmination of your efforts as you execute shellcode and compromise a system.

Our course is designed to cater to both beginners and experienced practitioners in the field. Whether you’re looking to enhance your ethical hacking skills or you’re a cybersecurity enthusiast aiming to expand your knowledge, this course has something valuable to offer.

Why Enroll?

Hands-On Experience: Each lecture is accompanied by practical demonstrations, allowing you to apply what you’ve learned in real-world scenarios.

Expert Instruction: Our experienced instructors bring a wealth of knowledge to the table, guiding you through complex concepts with clarity.

Comprehensive Curriculum: Our step-by-step approach ensures you build a strong foundation and gradually progress to more advanced topics.

Practical Ethical Hacking: Learn hacking techniques within an ethical framework, ensuring you gain skills that are valuable in today’s cybersecurity landscape.

Don’t miss this opportunity to become a proficient system hacker with a deep understanding of shellcode execution. Join us now and embark on a journey towards mastering the art of ethical hacking!


Who this course is for:

  • For Everyone who wants to learn Shellcode.


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What is shellcode execution, and why is it important in system hacking?

Shellcode execution involves injecting and running malicious code on a target system, typically to gain unauthorized access or control. It’s crucial in system hacking as it allows hackers to exploit vulnerabilities and compromise the security of the system.

What are bad characters, and how do they impact shellcode execution?

Bad characters are characters that can cause issues or corruption when included in shellcode. They can interfere with the execution of the payload and lead to failure or unexpected behavior. Identifying and handling bad characters is essential for ensuring the reliability and effectiveness of shellcode.

What is a segmentation fault, and how can it be analyzed and overcome during shellcode execution?

A segmentation fault occurs when a program attempts to access memory that it’s not allowed to access, leading to a crash. In the context of shellcode execution, understanding segmentation faults is crucial for identifying and addressing memory access violations that can occur during exploitation.

What are the ethical hacking fundamentals covered in this course?

This course covers the ethical framework of hacking, emphasizing responsible and legal use of hacking techniques. Students will learn how to apply hacking skills within an ethical framework, ensuring that they understand the importance of using their knowledge for positive purposes.

How does one develop custom shellcode, and what are its applications in system hacking?

Custom shellcode is developed to exploit specific vulnerabilities or achieve particular objectives during system hacking. This course teaches students how to develop their own shellcode tailored to their needs, enabling them to execute targeted attacks or gain unauthorized access to systems.

What tools and environments are necessary for practicing shellcode execution and system hacking?

Students will learn to set up development environments like SASM, Ghidra, IDA Pro, and JDK for effective lab usage. These tools provide the necessary functionalities for analyzing, developing, and executing shellcode in a controlled environment.

What is the significance of Assembly language in open-source exploration, and how is it utilized in system hacking?

Assembly language is crucial in system hacking as it allows hackers to develop low-level code that can directly interact with hardware and system resources. It’s used to write shellcode, exploit vulnerabilities, and manipulate system memory and processes.

What practical scenarios and hands-on exercises are included in the course?

The course includes practical demonstrations and exercises that allow students to apply theoretical knowledge in real-world scenarios. These hands-on experiences help reinforce learning and develop practical skills in shellcode execution and system hacking.

What are some common challenges faced during shellcode development and execution, and how are they addressed in the course?

Common challenges include identifying and handling bad characters, overcoming segmentation faults, and mitigating issues related to system architecture and memory management. The course provides strategies and techniques for addressing these challenges effectively.

Who is this course suitable for, and what can learners expect to gain from it?

This course is suitable for anyone interested in learning shellcode execution and system hacking, from beginners to experienced practitioners. Learners can expect to gain a comprehensive understanding of shellcode execution techniques, practical skills in ethically using shellcode.

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