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Reprogram Your Mind With The Elevate Yourself Course Free Course Coupon

What you’ll learn

  • Experience an identity shift through The TNP Elevation Method.
  • Gain deep insight into personal conditioning and its impact on the creation of your reality.
  • Develop strategies for mental clarity, confidence, and successful goal attainment.
  • Master techniques for emotional self-regulation and resilience.
  • Harness the power of the subconscious mind to manifest desired outcomes.
  • Apply the New Paradigm Self-Mastery Model for personal transformation.
  • Enhance intimacy and cultivate deep, meaningful relationships.
  • Acquire tools to influence your nervous and parasympathetic systems for emotional stability.

This course includes:

  • 8.5 hours on-demand video
  • 18 articles
  • 10 downloadable resources
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Full lifetime access
  • Certificate of completion


Embark on a transformative journey towards a better life with our comprehensive and proven course.

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Are you ready to break free from limitations and transform your life in record time? Welcome to our highly sought-after course that will revolutionise your experience of life. This is not a course loaded with unnecessary content; this course is designed to get you results in the shortest amount of time.

In this transformative experience, we’ll take you on an eye-opening expedition of awareness and dissolution. Prepare to question your beliefs and witness life from a new perspective—unveiling the illusionary lens through which you once saw the world. As you encounter this profound shift, you’ll gain unwavering confidence to enter The TNP Belief Change Process, an extraordinary venture into unconscious brainwave states that will reshape your beliefs and reframe past experiences into wisdom.

The journey doesn’t end there. Upon completing the belief change process, we equip you with powerful belief installation audio tools for daily practice. These tools ensure your newfound empowerment remains firmly embedded in these new neural pathways, propelling you toward lasting change.

But that’s not all; we’ll guide you in crafting a future aligned with your deepest desires. Through a series of profound teachings, you’ll master the art of creation from a place of authenticity, leaving behind ego-driven impulses.

What sets this course apart is the transformative power of self-inquiry and the revolutionary TNP Elevation method. Proven through beta test research with a 100% transformation rate, this approach empowers you to access your subconscious mind and soar beyond the confines of The Old Paradigm. Say hello to The New Paradigm—a realm of elevated thinking, living, and being.

The course comprises five Elevations—each lifting you to new heights of understanding and self-awareness. To further embed the theory in this course, we have included gamification exercises to test your knowledge and ensure the teachings are set in your mind.

Join us now and be part of our conscious community—created by two fully transformed individuals burning to uplift others at scale. Your transformation awaits.

Elevation 1: Awareness Of The Old Paradigm

In this elevation, you will embark on a profound journey of self-awareness, unlocking the secrets behind feeling stuck and unfulfilled in life. You will delve into the intricacies of your unconscious mind, understanding how it shapes your reality and discovering the limiting paradigms that hinder your progress.

Highlights of this Elevation Include:

  • Understanding Emotional Reactivity: Explore the connection between emotional reactivity and past conditioning, revealing how your responses are rooted in deeply ingrained paradigms.
  • Impact of Childhood and Environmental Conditioning: Gain insights into how childhood and environmental factors impact your identity, giving rise to limiting beliefs that hold you back.
  • Unravelling Paradigm Formation: Delve into the fascinating process of paradigm formation and its far-reaching influence on every aspect of your life.
  • Identifying Limiting and Empowering Paradigms: Identify the paradigms that confine you and those that hold the potential to unlock endless possibilities.
  • Reprogramming the Unconscious Mind: Learn about brain wave states and how they play a pivotal role in reprogramming your unconscious mind, leading to reduced emotional reactivity.
  • Conquering Destructive Paradigms: Discover the three most destructive paradigms and their powerful antidotes, propelling you towards lasting transformation.
  • Real-Life Paradigm Examples: Hear inspiring real-life examples of how paradigms have formed and influenced outcomes in the lives of others.
  • Self-Inquiry: At the conclusion of this elevation, embark on an introspective journey to unearth the root of your suffering, paving the way for authentic growth and change.

As you ascend through Elevation 1, you’ll illuminate the shadows of your past, gaining invaluable insights to ignite profound shifts within. Get ready to leave the old paradigm behind and embrace a future of endless possibilities.

What other clients say about this Elevation?

“Our reality is shaped by our collective experiences from our past – including ancestors, DNA, childhood, and other experiences. This view of the world guides us in what we do currently – contributing to our success and our undesired results. Everyone’s view of the world is different, and each one is not more right than the other – they are just different. We must look at our worldview – our paradigms – and determine which of them serve us and which don’t. Those that don’t, we need to shift or remove”.

Nicole Maske

Elevation 2: Dissolving The Old Paradigm

In this elevation, you will dissolve old thinking patterns that hinder your potential and perpetuate negative emotions. Prepare to shed destructive paradigms and equip yourself with the transformative tools to create a life of lasting change. Embark on a dynamic journey of self-discovery as we equip you with the transformative tool of self-inquiry. Strategically positioned prompts will lead you on a profound path of introspection, courageously confronting and dismantling limited thinking.

Highlights of this Elevation Include:

  • Explore the Art of Stepping Beyond Your Comfort Zone and soaring to new heights of personal growth.
  • Unravel Destructive Beliefs silently governing your life, paving the way for radical transformation.
  • Embrace Personal Responsibility with newfound confidence, taking charge of your life’s outcomes.
  • Unearth the Root Causes of your current results, empowering you to initiate powerful change.
  • Consciously Un-Decide Limitations you’ve unknowingly adopted, unlocking your true potential.
  • Become the Master of Your Thoughts and Emotions, propelling yourself towards emotional intelligence and resilience.
  • Maximise Return on Attention (ROA), efficiently achieving your goals by optimising focus and productivity.
  • Receive a Comprehensive Blueprint for creating profound, lasting change in every aspect of your life.

What did other clients say about this Elevation?

“To progress into a higher self, how you approach life needs to be altered. The first step is to change your attitude to every situation in life. You can shape how it affects you. Change can happen immediately, and there is a conditioning phase where you need to break certain behavioural patterns down at the neurological level. This takes commitment. The more you commit the more you can recondition your mind”.

Nicole Hopker

Elevation 3: Remembering The New Paradigm

Having dissolved your limiting beliefs, the next objective and this elevation is to reawaken your inherent power and create unwavering self-belief. Carefully curated content will immerse you in an empowering experience, igniting a profound transformation within every cell of your being. This crucial phase lays the foundation for your ascent towards true self-discovery in Your Transformation Elevation.

Highlights of this Elevation include:

  • Epigenetic’s and Scientific Empowerment: Unearth scientific evidence showcasing the influence of your thoughts on genetic expression, empowering you to consciously create the life you desire.
  • Mastering Genetic Expression: Learn the art of becoming the master of your genetic expression, directing the course of your life’s journey.
  • Neuroplasticity – Brain Rewiring for Emotional Resilience: Discover how to physiologically rewire your brain, equipping yourself to cope better with emotional reactivity.
  • Infinite Potential: Explore your infinite potential supported by scientific evidence and real-life case studies.
  • Harnessing the Invisible Force: Understand the invisible force driving your behaviour and acquire skills to manage emotional dysregulation.
  • The 6 Psychological Human Needs: Learn about the six psychological human needs, unlocking deeper insights into your motivations.
  • Embracing Living Truthfully: Embrace the transformative power of living truthfully, banishing negative emotions from your life.
  • Unmasking Deception: Uncover the number one reason behind lies and the dangers associated with dishonesty.
  • Embracing Limitless Potential: Breathe life into the truth of your potential and gain mastery over accessing it, opening the door to unimaginable possibilities.

Step into The New Paradigm, where your potential knows no bounds. Embrace the transformative power of truth and harness the tools to create a life beyond your wildest dreams consciously.

What other clients say about this Elevation

“The truth is a powerful principle to simplify, declutter and cut to the core of what one truly is available for. Truth-telling is freedom. I spend too much time accepting things I don’t want. Telling the truth creates space, time, and energy to create”.

Giovanni Cicatello

Elevation 4: Your Transformation

Now that you have dissolved your beliefs around limitation and are fully empowered, it’s time to venture into the Transformation Elevation. True transformation lies at the core of your identity—the stories you tell yourself and your conditioning. In this Elevation, we unlock the gateway to altered states of consciousness, effecting profound change at the unconscious level. Through the powerful TNP Belief Change Process, your paradigm will be reshaped, bolstering emotional resilience, intuition, and forgiveness, creating a positive and forgiving mindset.

Embrace this pivotal stage as you step into the extraordinary realm of Your New Paradigm.

Highlights of this Elevation:

  • The Science of Change and Altered States: Delve into the science of change and accessing altered states of consciousness through slower brain wave states.
  • Transforming Your Paradigm: Experience the transformative power of the TNP Belief Change Process. Witness physiological, psychological, and emotional shifts at the identity level, rewriting your neurology for boundless possibility.
  • Sustain the Transformation: Practice and rehearse your new identity with TNP Belief Installation audios, incorporating powerful breath techniques. Maintain your powerful change by reinforcing neurons of possibility, reducing the impact of negative emotions in your daily life.
  • Emotion Regulation and Resilience: Increase emotional resilience and enhance your ability to regulate emotions through brain-heart coherence. Audio resources will guide you to access this state.
  • Intuition and Longevity: Tap into your intuition and foster longevity through the practice of brain-heart coherence. Utilize provided audio resources to access this transformative state.
  • The Power of Forgiveness: Liberate yourself from past negative memories and resentment. Embrace forgiveness logically and emotionally, cultivating a positive and forgiving mindset. Audio resources will support this healing process, alleviating the impact of negative emotions on your mental health.
  • Elevate yourself further, transform your identity, and unlock the potential for profound and lasting change.

What other clients say about this Elevation?

“HOLY GUACAMOLE! Pure power, I remember why I’m here. I felt it.”

Taryn Du Plessis

“I move forward into the future as a worthy being, extraordinary, powerful beyond measure, and I can achieve anything I set my mind to.”

Sabrina Linda

“The true power of imagination. Energy flows where attention goes. I can create the life I want by committing to upgrading my thinking.”

Daniella De Vos

Elevation 5: Architecting Your New Paradigm

Having undergone the transformative journey of death to the old self and the birth of the new self, you now stand free from limitations and are filled with boundless potential and possibility. Empowered by this newfound clarity, we guide you to harness the profound power of your unconscious mind, charting a course towards a purposeful and fulfilling life in Your New Paradigm. Embrace the freedom from destructive emotions as you make intentional decisions, stay aligned with your true desires, and craft a new empowered identity for yourself!

Step into the Architecting Your New Paradigm realm, where you wield the creative force to design a life that resonates with your deepest aspirations.

Highlights of this Elevation:

  • Mind-Alignment Exercise: Align your thoughts, emotions, and actions towards creating Your New Paradigm day through a specially-designed exercise.
  • The New Paradigm Approach: Discover how The New Paradigm approach, rooted in quantum physics, empowers personal transformation, leading to a quality life.
  • The Power of Intention: Use the power of intention to create alignment, peace of mind, and freedom from emotional reactivity.
  • Transformative Language: Reshape your energy and mindset through the power of language, cultivating a greater sense of calm and control.
  • Embracing “Fuck Yes” and “No”: Embrace the power of “Fuck Yes” for what truly matters in your life, and learn to say “no” to what doesn’t align with your joy and fulfilment.
  • Receive The TNP Blueprint and Self-Mastery Model: Utilise the TNP Blueprint and TNP Self-Mastery Model to further reduce emotional reactivity and foster lasting change in your life.

What did other clients say about this Elevation?

“Change your words; you change your life. Words create pictures in our minds and then create emotions in our bodies. Words have energy behind them. Create space for what you want in your life. Leave your limitations and look towards all possibilities instead. Commit to yourself, believe in yourself, build on yourself.”

Tegan Willard

“The power of language, Fuck Yes your life, Make intentions from your heart & towards pleasure. The blueprint of the whole course is so powerful! THANK YOU”!

Frankie Wong

“Actionable steps to maintain The New Paradigm. Most importantly, every day is a choice to decide on a new reality. The intention behind every action plays the most significant role.”

Rhett Shillaw

Who this course is for:

  • You if you are ready to embark on a transformative journey towards profound personal growth and self-discovery.
  • Your aspire to elevate your emotional well-being and cultivate thriving relationships in your personal and professional life.
  • You want to unlock your potential and accelerate your career progress.
  • Your desire a deep sense of fulfilment, purpose, and mastery over your life circumstances.
  • You if you seek to develop emotional resilience to overcome challenges and remain stable amidst life’s ups and downs.
  • You if your ready to tap into the power of your subconscious mind to manifest your desires.
  • Your wish to develop a focused and effective plan to achieve your personal and professional goals.
  • Whether you’re a beginner just starting on your personal development journey, or a seasoned self-improvement enthusiast looking for innovative strategies and tools, the Elevate Yourself Course offers valuable insights and strategies for everyone.

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