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Step-by-Step Guide to Full Stack Development with MongoDB, Express, React, and Node

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Batch Overview

Complete Frontend Development

  • Learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and React
  • Build dynamic, responsive web applications

Complete Backend Development·

  • Master Node.js, Express.js, and RESTful API development
  • Understand server-side logic and database integration

Complete Database (SQL & MongoDB)

  •  Gain proficiency in SQL and NoSQL databases.
  • Learn to manage and query data efficiently

Complete MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express, React, Node)

  • Integrate your front-end and back-end skills.
  • Develop full-fledged web applications from scratch

Content Features

  •  500+ Article  covering all aspects of full-stack Stack Development.
  • 12+ hours of live articles for interactive learning.
  • Real-life and industry-grade projects to enhance practical skills.
  • Live sessions on job readiness, including resume building, freelancing, open source contributions, and more

What’s New?

  • Increased student seriousness and engagement in paid batches
  • Enhanced course completion rates and student watch time

Enrollment Information

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Full Stack Web Development Course-Outline

Introduction to Web Development


  • What is the Web?
  • Client-Server Architecture
  • Setting Up the Developer Environment


  • Understanding how and who built the web
  • General architecture used by websites; requests & responses
  • Setting up our environment on our laptop/computer for coding

HTML (Hypertext Markup Language)


  • Introduction
  • Structure Tags in HTML
  • Block vs Inline Elements
  • Tables and Forms

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  • Creating the structure of a web page
  • Learning about various tags like <h1>, <p>, <a>, <img>, etc.
  • Understanding the difference between inline and block HTML elements
  • Creating tables and forms in HTML

CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)


  •  Intro to CSS
  •  Selectors in CSS
  •  Box Model
  •  CSS Units
  •  CSS Transitions and Transforms


  •  What is CSS & how to use it in HTML
  •  Understanding selectors (element, class, ID, combinators, pseudo-classes, pseudo-elements)
  •  Understanding the CSS box model
  •  Learning about CSS units (absolute & relative)
  •  Understanding element transitions and transformations in CS

Advanced CSS


  •  Flexbox
  •  Responsive Designs
  •  Animations & 3D Space
  •  Frontend Frameworks: Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS


  •  Understanding flexbox layout (cross axis, main axis, flex properties)
  •  Responsive designs with media queries and viewport
  •  Basics of CSS animations using animate.css
  •  Using frontend frameworks like Bootstrap and Tailwind CSS for faster development

JavaScript (JS)


  • Introduction to JavaScript
  •  Variables, Operators, Conditionals, Loops
  •  Functions and Arrays
  •  Objects and Timing Events
  •  Understanding DOM


 Basics of JavaScript and its applications

  •  Understanding scope and hoisting in JS
  •  Functions (expression vs declaration) and array manipulations
  •  Object creation, manipulation, and iteration
  •  Accessing and manipulating the DOM

Advanced JavaScript


  •  Events and DOM Manipulation
  •  Closures and IIFE
  •  Constructors and Prototypes
  •  Asynchronous JavaScript: Callbacks, Promises, Async/Await
  •  jQuery and Ajax


  •  Handling DOM events and their manipulation
  • Understanding immediately invoked function expressions (IIFE) and closures
  •  Learning about constructors, prototypes, and classes in JS
  •  Managing asynchronous operations with promises, callbacks, and async/await
  •  Using jQuery for easier DOM manipulation and handling asynchronous requests with Ajax

Git and Version Control


  •  Introduction to Git
  •  Branches and Git Workflow


  •  Understanding the basics of Git and its importance
  •  Exploring branches, commits, push, pull requests, and using Git for collaborative projects

Terminal Mastery


 Mastering Terminal Commands


 Navigating directories, executing commands, and performing file operations using the terminal



  •  Intro to Node.js
  •  Setting Up
  •  Writing Our First Server
  •  MVC (Model-View-Controller) Architecture
  •  Creating Express Apps


Introduction to Node.js:· o Introduction to the course, “Hello World” with Node.jso Setting up tools and the project environment· Writing Our First Server:· o Understanding servers and their usageo Setting up a basic Node.js servero Introducing nodemon to monitor changes made to the server· MVC Architecture:· o Understanding MVC architecture for organizing server codeo Introduction to frameworks and using Express with Node.jso Understanding template engines and setting up EJS (Embedded JavaScript)o Introduction to middleware and its usage in Express apps· Creating Express Apps:· o Building web applications using Express.jso Working with EJS for templatingo Implementing middleware in Express apps



  • · Intro to Databases
  • · SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • · MongoDB
  • · CRUD Operations in MongoDB


  • Introduction to Databases:
  •  Understanding what databases are and why they are essential
  •  Exploring different types of databases (SQL vs NoSQL)


  • Learning about SQL and its importance
  • Writing basic SQL queries and interacting with relational databases


  • Introduction to MongoDB and its use cases
  • Setting up MongoDB for the project
  •  Performing CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) operations in MongoDB

Projects and Practical Applications

HTML & CSS Project:

Applying HTML and CSS concepts to build a well-structured and styled web page.

JavaScript Project:

Utilizing JavaScript to create a dynamic project involving DOM manipulation and asynchronous operations.

Node.js Project:

  • · Building a Node.js server with Express.js· 
  • Implementing MVC architecture· 
  • Integrating a MongoDB database for data management

Full MERN Stack Project:·

  •  Combining frontend and backend skills to create a full-fledged web application
  • Using MongoDB for the database, Express.js for the server, React.js for the frontend, and Node.js for server-side logic 
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