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What is CareerBoostZone?

CareerBoostZone (Center of Career Excellence) is an English blogging website in which information is given on various topics. The work of collecting information on various subjects and presenting it to the readers is done by me, who writes on various subjects as per my hobbies. I am a graduate in technical fields, but due to my interest in writing, I write regularly for CareerBoostZone. In CareerBoostZone, information is written on topics related to Careers, jobs, internships, government schemes, free courses, exams and finance. I research all these topics and work hard to provide all the information and prepare content as per the interests and wishes of my readers. My blog has also played an interesting role in making a large amount of material available in the English language on the internet.

Till now, you have learned about my blog, in which you have been told what you can read, but now let us go back a bit and tell you how I became a blogger and how CareerBoostZone became a team.

Who am I? Pratik Nagda

My name is Pratik Nagda and I am a resident of the small town of Nallasopara in Maharashtra. I come from a very poor family and I live with my mom. My father was dead when I was in 4th grade. Due to that financial issue, I was forced to go to a hostel from the 5th to the 10th. I know the basics of blogging and all because in my final year of school, after that, when I came home, I had a great fight with my mom because she wanted to take me science and I wanted to take science. Finally, I convinced my mom. I have done engineering at St. John College of Engineering and Management, which is in Palghar. I still love my college very much. Even today, I keep sharing the experiences of my college with my readers. Today I am the owner of the CareerBoostZone English blogging site and through my blog, I have prepared a better employment platform for Readers I feel happy that I tried to empower readers by helping in employment and the development of the country. And my efforts are continuing towards success.

Pratik Nagda is the founder and Ceo of blog CareerBoostZone
Pratik Nagda is the founder and Ceo of blog CareerBoostZone

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How did I become a Blogger?

It is a natural thing that if anyone wants to be a blogger, then he/she is fond of reading and writing and he/she understands the internet a little. I too was like this but being an engineer, it was not easy for me because I learned a long time ago, which was only in 1 or 2 lectures to find a lot of time. Still, while giving myself time, I kept writing and publishing something or another, due to which I knew a little about blogging but never thought of making it a profession.

How was the Blog Created?

Then a change came in my life; it was COVID time, all my friends had gone home and college lectures were online, so I was tired. I was in my 4th year, so I started to find a free course with certification. I have completed more than 150 courses with certification, all of which are free. I think that, like me, many people can’t afford the course.

How did I decide not to do the job?

A blog was created, and we added all kinds of articles to it. While working on the blog, I met some more people who were interested in the blogs, and I included them in my groups. In this way, our blog grew day by day, and so did our readers. Seeing this working environment on my blog, I too did not feel like applying for a job and I also had to do something new. I believed that “we should ride in the same boat” because, by working in different fields, we would not be able to do justice to anyone. I couldn’t do it and it was against my principles. Thus, in the year 2021, I committed myself and gave full time to my family. I, living in Nallasopara, went with my entire family to meet my loved ones. I shared the freedom I got from my Business with my loved ones.

Moving forward, we came down

Now my dream is to make the blog the number one job blog. Till now, we were performing well and I believed that my education experience would give me more success in my blog. But in 2022, a new update from Google came, and suddenly, the traffic on my site went down. Our blog was not reaching people or, in other words, we had no knowledge of SEO.

I had committed not to do the job, but this kind of experience was new for me. The complete opposite of what I thought before committing not to do the job happened to me. My mother was worried about me. Everyone said that I should go back and go to the job field because I had the responsibility of the mom, but my mind was not ready to accept it.

The decision to close Blog

By now, many more readers had joined my group who had an emotional attachment to the blog. There came a time when I thought that I should close this blog, but now my blog is not only mine; it was for many people, so we could not close it because his blog is his identity. Perhaps that is why for me. For me, the blog was like a child for a mother.

Amidst many disappointments, my attachment to my blog was our biggest courage. Now I started work with new enthusiasm. Our blog is a centre of help power. That is why I said that my relationship with my blog is like that of a mother and child, because if women do any work, then they do it with both heart and mind. Do it.

Leaving all the negativity behind, I started my blog work in a better way. Now the most important thing was to understand SEO, the work of which I did myself, which I started gaining along with my experiences and sharing with myself. Gradually, the blog traffic started increasing.

CareerBoostZone became an example of career empowerment

With the progress of the blog, I also kept on growing, and I presented a good example of career empowerment. Along with the experience of blogging, I also gained confidence, which I had lost.

Our blog is a great form of career power that has been achieved through my hard work. After hard work day and night done by me, today is the day I decided to close this blog. My heart did not allow me to do so, and today, because of the voice of my heart, I am at this stage.